Goddess Womb Healing

Reconnect with Your Womb Power!

Cleanse, Heal, and Connect with your Sacred Energy Center. Your womb does more than birth babies. Chances are you've experienced some trauma and that energy is being held in your womb, begin your journey to healing today.

Why womb Healing

You Hold Power, Wisdom and Creation Within this Space!


Often we hold trauma in our wombs.

This may be from past relationships, sexual trauma, womb issues, losses, fear, abandonment, guilt...

Releasing the energy stored here can set you free and allows vitality to flow again.


Fear of intimacy or relationships.

Harboring sexual shame, feeling disconnected or uncomfortable in your own skin, no longer has to be an issue. 

Tap into your Feminine energy and embrace softness.


Life is meant to be lived and experienced!

Have fun. Engage in sacred play and let your creative juices flow.

Ride the wave of Inspiration that comes when you are connected to your divine power source.

Mother Trauma

Disconnecting from Your Divine Feminine Power

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, process and experience. But, no one talks about the trauma and changes that it brings. Your body shifts, your hair changes, and forever are you and your life as you enter into a new way of being. 

When you are left alone to raise a child, you may hold pain, resentment, betrayal, and fear in your womb. Not purposely, but because that energy has to go somewhere. Maybe you learned NOT to trust yourself because you chose him. You believed him and he betrayed you in the most heinous of ways.

You beautiful Sacred Mother rise to the challenge. Busying yourself with taking care of your precious family and never really dealing with the issues or emotions you feel bubbling. You start to live life, with this pit in your stomach. The tension. The tears, the recurring thoughts and the wishes for things to be different.

All the while, you cannot hear the gift in your womb. That gift is your divine feminine power, but you are disconnected from it. Feeling scarred from Motherhood. The trauma is real, but it doesn't have to become your reality. Let me help you process the pain within.

Womb Healing Session

90 Min. Healing Session

Womb Healing is deep work. There will be tears, there will be resistance. There will be yelling. There will be healing. Your womb wants you healed. Your womb wants to connect with you. It's time to turn your focus inward.

Place your hands on your womb and breathe deep with me. Mama it's time to reclaim you womb, restore your power, and embrace the Divine Feminine, that is your birthright.

These intuitive sessions integrate Reiki Energy Healing, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, and abdominal Massage.

  • 90 minutes Goddess Womb Healing Session

Holistic Retreat & Spiritual Awakening for Your Soul

Highly Recommended

I am honored and proud to call Jovhannah MY Spiritual Love Coach and Healer because working with her ~ be it through Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing Sessions or Coaching ~ feels like a holistic retreat & spiritual awakening for my SOUL. I highly recommend Jovhannah for your next Spiritual Love engagement, Business Leadership event or private coaching session.

Afua Danso

Womb Trauma

Dealing with Loss from this Emotional Energy Center

Miscarriage, abortion, and other personal losses that impact your womb are so devastating. No matter the cause, a loss is a loss.

We have moved away from processing life events on a spiritual level and that has had a huge impact on how we operate in the world today.

There continues to be the policing of our beautiful and sacred temples, yet not enough support to help us truly deal with the things that impact out bodies as women.

False pregnancy, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies, fibroids, endometriosis, painful menstruation, menopause, choosing abortion, being forced to abort, infertility, and child loss are a few things that women are challenged with in their walk.

I remember the first time I felt shame around my womb. And each time thereafter, having the experience of loss and sexual trauma, I learned of the lack of support there is for women.

When women experience pregnancy loss, through miscarriage or abortion they do not have support to deal with these things on an emotional and spiritual level. I had to put my own healing back in my hands.

The trauma and pains that I went through closed down my heart and mind. Dealing with child loss and the other traumas to my sacred center, left my womb scarred. I was void of inspiration and overloaded in masculine energy, afraid of my softness. Feeling so broken, alone, and empty.

I know the deep pains that are carried within a woman's womb. I have sacred tools that I have used to support myself in healing and releasing emotions, pain, trauma, grief and loss from my own sacred space.

Now I am holding space for you helping you to reclaim your womb, embrace your sensuality, and tap into your power as the divine feminine. This sacred work is tailored to your needs supporting you where you need it most.

Client Reviews


business owner

You have such a gift with your card readings. Your insights are amazing, and I love the way you help me not only gain insight about myself or a particular situation, but you help me create a plan of action to take so I can make positive changes in my life. Thank you, thank you!



What we covered, plus just your interest in me was a huge factor in me moving forward. I really appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction.


physical therapist

Thanks so much! Yes, I do need to learn the ins and outs for sure. Being in control of emotions are very important for any martial artist or person for that matter. Being focused with eyes wide open is some good insight. This reading definitely gives me hope and encouragement.



I just had an amazing session with Jovhannah! She has a really wise and calm demeanor. Her reading really validated to me what I was already feeling and helped me take a whole new direction when it comes to manifesting love in my life. I highly recommend her.



I am honored and proud to call Jovhannah My Spiritual Love Coach and healer because working with her ~ be it through Card Readings, Healing Sessions or Coaching ~ feels like a holistic retreat & spiritual awakening for my SOUL. I highly recommend Jovhannah for your next Spiritual Love engagement, Business Leadership event or private coaching session



I've had 1,000s of massages but I've never had one like this! I will definitely be back.

the spiritual love healer

Peace & Blessings!

Jovhannah Tisdale

It's my mission to bring massage, spiritual healing, and bodywork to you. By helping you release stress, tension and trauma from your body, mind, and soul, I achieve the goal of leading you towards a life of wellness.

I was inspired by my own challenges in life to make a difference in the world. I'm a Master Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in NC. My intention is always to help women to grow and evolve past their traumas.

I'm here to guide you towards your Abundantly Ever After. Helping you heal your heart, mind, body and soul, enabling you to reach your goals and manifest the life you want, the love you desire, and the abundance you deserve in all areas of life.