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What’s the Difference Between the Angelic and Reiki Healing Sessions?

May 12, 2018 | Energy Healing

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I offer two different types of energy healing services to clients.

I was trained as a Reiki Master and practiced Reiki and then was introduced to the Angelic Healing technique that I offer.

I decided to keep both services because although they have the same end goal, the processes and experiences are different.

This article explores some of the differences and why you may choose one over the other.

What is a Reiki Energy Healing Session?

That is a Reiki session that focuses on your holistic wellbeing. I have been attuned to symbols that impart compassion, love, and healing emotional issues. Reiki sessions will have a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul.

I am a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Aset Ka Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Money, and Grief Reiki Master. I am able to intuitively choose the type of Reiki that will best support your needs.

So if you are just wanting a self-care moment, emotional or spiritual support, to de-stress and relax, or want to compliment a treatment you are receiving, you will benefit as well.

The best thing is that during the intake process, you get to tell me what's going on with you and I can adjust the session to focus on what matters to you most.

These sessions last about 30-45 minutes and are intuitively led. There aren't specific steps to follow, I simply flow with the energy.

What is an Angelic Heart Healing Session?

This is also a form of energy healing, but it connects with energy from the Angelic Realm.

This is a different type of healing session that calls in the assistance of the Archangels and also incorporates an Angel Card reading for you.

During this session, I also use crystals and candles to aid in the flow of Angelic Energy.

These sessions last between 60-90 minutes and have specific steps that are followed.

What are the Benefits of Energy Healing Sessions?

You will get similar benefits from both the Reiki and Angelic healing session.

They both are a great form of self-care and will bring you a sense of peace, relaxation, lessen your stress, but the Angelic Heart Healing session is focused on emotions and matters of the heart.

Some of the benefits you will receive are:

  • Open your heart and mind to love and healthy relationships.
  • Release stress
  • Balance your mood and emotions.
  • Open up to forgiveness.
  • Release negative thoughts and think more clearly and positively.
  • Release toxic and stagnant energy and increase the flow of positivity in your life.

Where are these Energy Healing Sessions Done?

These sessions can be done in my office, located in Raleigh, NC or they can be done remotely.

Remote sessions are just as effective as the in-person session because we are working on an energetic level.

You will not need to remove any clothing during these sessions, you will remain dressed.

Which Session Do I Choose?

If you want to focus specifically on emotional support, I recommend the Angelic Healing Session and if you are wanting a session for general wellness, I would recommend the Reiki energy healing session.

The Angelic Healing Session includes an Angel Card reading, calls in support from the 4 watchtower Archangels, and incorporates a crystal energy grid.

If you are new to energy healing, you may prefer the Reiki session.

If the presence of angels feels comforting to you, you may want to choose an Angel Healing Session.

The Reiki sessions are shorter and are just as beneficial. I enjoy doing them because I get to tailor the session to your needs.

I love doing the Angel Healing Sessions because I get to incorporate Angel Tarot and Oracle Cards and crystals.

Neither session is better than the other, you will get amazing benefits from both.

I do recommend the Angel Healing Session if you are dealing with some heavy emotions. Not only are the readings helpful, but many people have found comfort in these sessions and I get really great feedback.

You may decide to start with a Reiki session and see how that goes, then for your next session try the Angelic session. That would allow you to compare and see which one works best for you.

If you are still confused, contact my office, so I can address your concerns.

Are these energy healing sessions medical treatments?

No. I am not a medical professional and cannot treat or diagnose any physical or mental illness.

These are forms of complementary medicine and should never be substituted for proper medical care. You can receive energy healing in conjunction with your medical treatment, but you will need to consult your healthcare provider about that.

If you have any other questions about these sessions, comment below so that I can answer it for you.

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