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The Magic Of Essential Oils: 3 Reasons I Recommend Aromatherapy

March 23, 2024 | Aromatherapy

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For me, essential oils are, well essential. They are all natural, they smell great, and have amazing benefits for my mind, body, soul, and home.

It’s easy to see why they are must haves in my home. I started learning about aromatherapy several years ago when I was looking for ways to manage depression. From there, it was life changing. I was able to restore my health and improve my life.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and contain properties that can help your skin, eliminate germs, clean your counters, and more! Some oils can even keep fleas off your pets. There are so many different ways that you can use essential oils.

Essential oils remind me of magic! Who would think that a drop of oil would be so powerful?

Using Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils

Peppermint is great for digestive issues, think Peppermint tea.  Also, ants hate it! If you are having a picnic create a peppermint scented barrier to keep them from stealing your crumbs!

Lavender is my favorite oil of all. It’s an all-purpose oil. I love adding a few drops to my bath, a face mask, and my lotion. It is so soothing and relaxing. Perfect after a long day! It even came in handy for a nasty bite on my lip!

It's also great to cook with. I got to visit Sunshine Lavender Farm here in North Carolina and there was Lavender everything. I loved the lavender lemonade. It was a great experience.

My Favorite Use for Lavender Essential Oil

I will place a couple drops in my hands and rub them together then cover my face and inhale. Deeply and slowly. This is so relaxing and calming, especially before meditating.

I actually use it for almost everything so it's hard to choose just one use. I think right now, it's at Savvi's bathtime. She has so much energy and adding few drops in her bath helps her to calm down and relax, making bedtime a little easier for me.

Use Essential Oils

I use essential oils every day. They help me take care of myself and my family. I also love that I'm able to replace a lot of chemicals and medicines with these plant-based oils.

The oils I use are made by dōTERRA. Their essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. They pride themselves on being the purest and most potent essential oils available on the market.

I have tried different brands and there is a difference! I trust this brand and feel safe using them.


This blend of oils helps with breathing and also with getting a good night's rest.

It has a really fresh aroma, that opens up my airways. It's calming.

Diffusers are a great way to get the aromatic benefits of oils. I'll add a few drops to my diffuser to let the smell fill the air. A couple drops of Lavender with it is perfect!

At work I will just take the top off and take a deep breath. It helps me to relax and stay centered.

On Guard

This has been my best friend the past week. I took it internally to help boost my immune system (I felt a cold coming on), but I also used it to clean around the house.

I love that it's safe enough for me, but also strong enough to clean. With a busy toddler, I'm careful about what I use to clean.

It has a great cinnamon kind of smell that is perfect to scent your home for the holidays.


This oil blend is good for your digestive tract.

All the oils found in this are teas that my Mother makes. It's great for upset stomachs and to get rid of bloat.

It smells good, like Fennel seeds.

All of these blends smell amazing and have many uses.

The main reasons I love using essential oils are:

  1. All natural
  2. Smell great
  3. Great benefits for mind, body, soul, & home

For more information about essential oils and how you can use them for you mind, body, and soul, please join me the upcoming events at the Spiritual Love Sanctuary. 

doTERRA essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade oils. They pride themselves on being the purest and most potent essential oils available on the market.

You can also contact me directly and set up a private consultation. I can help you find oils that meet your needs and can get a sample out to you. 

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The Kulture Spa was birthed so that I could be a beacon of healing and educate my community while providing transformational, holistic healing and spiritual wellness services #forthekulture.

I'm an avid reader, lover of tea, crystals, tarot, learning, traveling, tacos, and journaling! I live and work in Wake Forest, North Carolina. And am Mom to two beautiful and smart daughters.

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