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Experience Massage, Energy Healing, and Bodywork centered on Melanated Bodies with a unique approach to facilitate the liberation of trauma and tension from your body and offers spiritual healing for overall wellness.

Welcome to The Kulture Spa

Liberate Your Soul • Heal Your Body • Free Your Mind


Connect with the essence of who you are and tap into your inner strength by clearing your energy field with Reiki or Chakra healing.


Relieve stress and find peace within through massage, aromatherapy, EFT Tapping, or guided meditation.


Release tension and emotions trapped inside your body through bodywork and massage.

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Skin care, Yoga, Workshops, Events, + More!

Liberation through holistic healing.

My mission is to promote a holistic approach to massage therapy, integrating spiritual wellness, which includes helping Melanated People of all backgrounds to heal from trauma,  emotional pain, and physical tension.

Through my services, I offer an opportunity for self-liberation and empowerment for those who seek it. At The Kulture Spa services offered are tailored according to your individual needs and preferences, so that you can receive the most transformational experience possible.

. I work with you every step of the way to ensure you walk away feeling restored and rejuvenated!

Kulture Care Packages

Choose the Right

Experience for You

The Kulture Spa has something for everyone! Additional offerings coming soon, stay tuned!

Introductory Pricing

$180/per session

The Ancestral Healing package is a mini retreat incorporating energy healing practices inspired by ancestral spiritual teachings to help restore energetic balance to your body, mind, and soul.
  • 30 Min. Spiritual Guidance Session
  • 30 Min. Energy Healing Session
Massage & Bodycare Treatment

$450/per experience

Relax while your skin is dry brushed to improve circulation, remove dead skin, and stimulate your lymphatic system, all to help you GLOW inside and out! Afterwards you'll be smothered in a nourishing body butter, wrapped to allow the oils to penetate your skin, providing optimal moisture. After your customized hand and foot scrub to, fall into even deeper relaxation with a massage.
  • 45 min. exfoliation
  • 45 min. thermal body wrap
  • 30 min. hand & Foot treatment
  • 90 min. full body massage
Helping You Prepare for Greatness

$300/per experience

Prenatal or postnatal, Dear Mama is great for new and expecting Mothers to care for their changing bodies. Experience a full body massage in addition to energy healing to help ease your mind and calm your spirit. Luxuriate with a customized hand and foot scrub, including reflexology.
  • 90 min. prenatal massage
  • 30 min. energy healing
  • 60 min. hand & foot treatment
  • includes REFLEXOLOGY
Deep Tissue for Tired, Achy Bodies

$180/per session

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage with moderate pressure to release tension in sore muscles. This is perfect for athletes, manual laborers, desk warriors, drivers...basically anyone who experiencing tension and tightness in their body. This massage incorporates tools like cupping therapy and gua sha when needed to address knots.

** Please note that deep pressure is not the same as deep tissue. I do not offer deep pressure.

  • 2 hr. deep tissue massage WITH STRETCHING
Massage & Healing For The Kulture

$150/per experience

Give yourself permission to relax with a massage and healing session at The Kulture Spa.
  • 60 min. full body massage
  • 30 min. energy healing
  • custom aromatherapy


Ancestral Bodywork Priestess

Peace & Blessings, I'm

Jovhannah Tisdale

I'm a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist located in Raleigh, N.C. I'm also an Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner and Master Spiritual Life Coach.

It's my mission to bring massage, energy healing, and bodywork to melanated bodies. By helping you release stress, tension and trauma from your body, mind, and soul, I achieve the goal of leading you towards a life of wellness.

However, this reaches beyond helping you feel good. I enjoy supporting women throughout pregnancy and other stages of life with massage, as well as focusing on the therapeutic aspect that bodywork brings to us all, through modalities such as massage, cupping, gua sha, and reflexology, just to name a few.

Massage isn't a luxury reserved for the elite. It is your birthright to treat yourself and to access healing modalities to be free of pain and stress.

Join The Collective for more ancestral healing & wisdom!

Real People.

Real Experiences.

Real Kulture.

jamie mitchell

Before my massage, I was so tense from work. I also was suffering from a lot of emotional trauma. She was so kind and considerate. My massage was very uplifting. She made me feel very comfortable and was so professional. She targeted every part of my body with patience and care. I left feeling so peaceful and rejuvenated. Hands down it was the best massage I’ve ever had!

oasis sykes

Jovhannah is highly skilled as a therapist. She understands the importance of connecting with others and how to apply techniques which address the needs of each client. Her calm energy makes those around her feel safe and at ease!

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