Tarot & Oracle Reading Journal

Tarot Journal to document your daily readings and spreads.

Inside you'll find journaling pages to help you keep track of your Card of the Day, plus additional space for your 3, 4, or 7 card spreads along with space for the popular Celtic Cross readings too!

Use this journal with any Tarot, Oracle, or divinatory deck that you'd like and go within to find inner peace, wholeness, and love through your own sacred card reading practice.

an easy to track your readings

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Tarot and Oracle Reading Journal! Learn the story behind their creation:

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About the Tarot Reading Journal

enhance and develop your tarot practice

  • Pull your card of the day and write down the meaning to reflect on later.
  • Write out a question, the deck you use, the date and other important information.
  • Use a daily 3 card reading for your mind, body, and soul or another 3 card spread that suits your needs.
  • Practice and master reading the Celtic Cross, or develop your own 10 card reading.
  • Master larger spreads, the 7 card Horseshoe spread.
  • Use this journal daily or as you need when you complete readings and keep them all in 1 handy place.