2024 SoulAlchemy Planner

This is the 4th year of me creating a Planner, and it has a new name!

It started as a spiritual journal for single moms, and then I added planning pages to it and the Spiritual Love Planner was born, and the rest was history.

I love planners! Planning helped me transform my life in so many ways. Finding the perfect planner led me to creating my own to help me live Abundantly Ever After.

If you're ready to manifest your dreams, the SoulAlchemy Planner (formerly known as the Spiritual Love Planner) is exactly what you need!

inside the 

Upcoming 2024 SoulAlchemy Planner

I created this planner for you to expand your vision, open your heart, and tap into the abundance that you desire and deserve.

I love planning, but I loved it more when I combined it with spiritual guidance. When I create goals and plans with the support of spirit, things flow much better. And when challenges arise, you're able to navigate them better as well.

The SoulAlchemy Planner was created for women, especially single moms, who are healing from pain and trauma. It's a sacred space for you to dream and begin living the life that you desire and deserve.

the pages

  • Yearly Overview to jot down important dates and events for 2024. You can also use this page to write your goals, affirmations, or intentions for each month of the year.
  • Reflections and Visioning Journal the best way to start out strong is by reflecting on the past. These journal pages help you get clear on where you need to focus in the new year.
  • Planning Pages you'll have a monthly calendar with goddess guidance, a crystal and essential oil that you can work with. Plus you'll have an abundance journaling page along with weekly planning pages for each month.
  • Journaling Pages and 2024 Closing inside are pages to help you journal and reflect throughout the year. Use the spaces for notes, affirmations, or whatever your heart desires. At the end of your planner are additional journaling questions.

The Purpose

  • Each month I pull a card for spiritual guidance to help you live Abundantly Ever After. You can use this energy to help you set a goal or intention for the month, or just to help you focus in general.
  • This planner combines spiritual guidance and rituals, with planning, and journaling to help you manifest your dreams.
  • The idea is to set 1-2 big goals for yourself for the year and break those goals down over 12 months so that you can achieve them.
  • Use the journaling prompts and spaces to reconnect with yourself and document your journey to living Abundantly Ever After.

Womanifesting! Fertility Goddess Affirmation Cards

The gorgeous cards used to provide spiritual wisdom and guidance in this planner are with the permission of Abiola Abrams, creator of the Womanifesting! Fertility Goddess Affirmation Cards.

Coming Soon!!

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Now in November, you are flowing with self love and creativity. You may find yourself feeling extra inspired with gratitude overflowing.