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Oil Cleansing for Skin Health

May 28, 2016 | Health & Wellness

I came across this article about Oil Cleansing, and it made me revisit my skin care routine.  I have combination skin. It's dry, especially in the winter and cooler weather months, but is oily when the weather is warm.

I also have acne and blemishes, due to hormonal acne from my last pregnancy (yay). If I don't drink enough water or eat properly it shows in my skin, real quick!

During the winter months, I add oil cleansing to my regimen and my skin improved so much!

I didn't have issues with acne or dryness and I was seeing blemishes fade.

I used a mixture that I made of Jamaican Black Castor oil and various essential oils.

It had been a while since I used store-bought facial cleansers, but I do use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I only use it in the winter and love how it helps take off my makeup. Otherwise, African black soap is my go to facial cleanser.

The only reason I stopped oil cleansing is because when the weather changed so did my skin and it was SUPER OILY. 

I wore make up one day, and it looked a hot mess! It was literally runny because my skin was so oily.

Since then, I stopped oil cleansing. I do use a matte primer under my makeup that works wonders. I'm still dealing with acne and blemish issues and am working to restore order to my skin. In the meantime I use makeup to even things out. The Covergirl Queen Collection foundation covers my skin well and stays on.

Since the weather is back warm, I think I will add more face masks in my skin care routine.

I loved the way my skin looks and feels when I am able to oil cleanse.  I want to find a way to oil cleanse and fight the oily nature of my skin in the summer.  I highly recommend oil cleansing!

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