Spiritual Love Detox Challenge 

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Refresh Your Heart & Mind

Joining the Spiritual Love Detox challenge is like giving your heart a refreshing spring cleaning. Just as you declutter and cleanse your physical space, this challenge helps you declutter and cleanse your thoughts and feelings about love. It's like opening the windows and letting in the fresh, revitalizing breeze of positive ideas and beliefs about love. By participating, you're essentially giving your heart a new, clean canvas to paint a beautiful love story and equipping yourself with the tools to maintain a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Here's what you'll experience during our 7 days together:

  • Day 1: Uncovering who you are and what you desire in relationships
  • Day 2: Get to the root of what's been holding you back in love
  • Day 3: Release and recreate a new and empowering Love Story for yourself
  • Day 4: Creating a crystal-clear vision for love or life
  • Day 5: Visualizing and embodying the desired feelings to align with your vision
  • Day 6: Creating a Love Map or Action Plan
  • Day 7: Learn 3 Secrets to Attracting Spiritual Love

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Peace Loved One!

Jovhannah Tisdale

Meet The Spiritual Love Healer. Her sacred work is dedicated to helping you heal your heart, mind, body, and soul from pain and trauma so you can experience freedom, liberation, wholeness, and love.

Surviving domestic violence and the side effects of abuse, she knows firsthand the importance of healing, personal development, financial empowerment, self-love, and healthy relationships. Jovhannah blends her healing modalities, coaching, and spiritual healing work to create transformative and holistic liberation. She has a passion for serving her Community and other marginalized individuals through her sacred work.

Think of her as your Fairy Godmother helping to expand your vision and shift your mindset, so you become a magnet for healing, growth, love, and blessings in all areas of your life, allowing you to live Abundantly Ever After pain, heartache, and trauma.