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Frequency of Love

Sacred Space Where You Heal, Grow, & Thrive

You Are L.O.V.E.D. Here, Now & Always.

This a sacred space to connect with others walking the path to healing, and to receive guidance and support on your journey to living Abundantly Ever After. Inside you'll find a forum to discuss various topics, exclusive content, journal prompts, events, and more!! This community is for you if you are ready to release the past, end the struggle, and start manifesting the life and love you desire and deserve!

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LOVEing Benefits in

the community

This space is where I spend my time creating content, answering questions, teaching and healing. It gives you access to me as your coach and healer in a holistic setting.

You will be LOVED on inside of this community with access to coaching, energy healing, lessons, a private podcast and more! All for just $27/month! The lowest price this membership will ever be!

LOVED Library

Resources to help you along your path to healing and living Abundantly Ever After. You'll find affirmations, journals, ebooks, worksheets, journaling prompts, activities, exclusive content, and more inside!

LOVED Readings

Exclusive readings just for community members. I will post a reading each month to help you focus and prepare for what's ahead. You get to vote on the focus: love, money, or personal growth.

LOVED Events

The most amazing thing about the community are the private events and content I share with you that aren't found anywhere else. This is my home and I'm inviting you inside. You get access to me and have the ability to ask questions and influence what happens in LOVED!


Let's talk about it all! From love, healing, spirituality, life and everything in between! There are a number of threads and areas for you to chat, share, and even ask questions. You can #AskJovhannah to receive guidance around challenges you may be dealing with in love and life. This is a safe space for you to be seen and supported.

LOVED Encoded

Get backstage access to the Spiritual Love Podcast with LOVED Encoded an exclusive audio treat just for you. As a member of this sacred community, you get the story behind the story, Q&A, guest features, and so much more!

but wait, there's more!

Additional Blessings for LOVED Members

LOVED Circles

Attend exclusive Healing & Manifesting Circles or watch the recording. We discuss a particular topic such as dating. I also pull cards, lead meditations, tapping and healing sessions. Circles are a great way to connect and receive additional support.

LOVED Masterclasses

Inside the Community I'm adding some bonus masterclasses that I've taught in the past. Plus, you also get invited to new masterclasses that I host, exclusive discounts, and more!

Open Office Hours

I'm taking #AskJovhannah to another level and hosting a live Q&A session for just for Community members. You can ask me anything (within reason) and get my honest feedback.

Jovhannah Tisdale

The Spiritual Love Healer

My name is

Jovhannah Tisdale

My sacred work is dedicated to helping you heal your heart, mind, body, and soul from pain and trauma so you can experience freedom, liberation, wholeness, and love.

Surviving domestic violence and the side effects of abuse, she knows firsthand the importance of healing, personal development, financial empowerment, self-love, and healthy relationships. Jovhannah blends her healing modalities, coaching, and spiritual healing work to create transformative and holistic liberation. She has a passion for serving her Community and other marginalized individuals through her sacred work.

Think of her as your Fairy Godmother helping to expand your vision and shift your mindset, so you become a magnet for healing, growth, love, and blessings in all areas of your life.

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Here's a recap on what's included in the LOVED Community.

Access exclusive content in LOVED

$27/per month

  • LOVED Podcast - tune into my private spiritual love podcast

charmaine daisley


What we covered, plus just your interest in me was a huge factor in me moving forward. I really appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction.

afua danso

international singer/songwriter

I am honored and proud to call Jovhannah My Spiritual Love Coach and healer because working with her ~ be it through Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing Sessions or Coaching ~ feels like a holistic retreat & spiritual awakening for my SOUL. I highly recommend Jovhannah for your next Spiritual Love engagement, Business Leadership event or private coaching session.